Umeboshi. (the most alkalinizing food on Earth)


  • pickled ume fruit from a tree Genus Prunus, but more closely related to apricot
  • it is extremely sour and salty, used as condiments in Japanese and macrobiotic cuisine
  • traditional Japanese remedy for colds, flus, nausea has antibiotic properties
  • digestive tonic, very alkalinizing (due to NA content)
  • rich in organic acids, considered strengthening and energizing
  • great source for HANGOVERS
  •  claimed to fight bacteria
  • may be used in hot water, or with green tea
  • were esteemed by the samurai to combat battle fatigue
  • often eaten as snacks; in the United States many Japanese grocery stores stock umeboshi.
  • eating umeboshi in Japan is the equivalent of the United States’ “an apple a day.”(pickled)


I bought it in bulk !!! You can find it at any of your health food stores!

Rose did NOT like it. I think added to much!!!! But she felt a million times better after!!! I thought it wasn’t too bad… 1 tsp with some warm water!!  And I am not sick today!!!

Umeboshi is great for traveling as well. You do not need to refrigerate!! By having this with you, you will not only remain hydrated, but you will not get sick, nasuaous or hungover!!!!

So next time you are at your health food store! Grab this $10 product! It is WONDERFUL!!


About Skinny Fat Kids

I am a fat kid at heart. I don’t start a day without planning a meal; whether it is cooking with friends or trying out a new spot. It might have something to do with being a Mexican/Italian.. Since I was young I loved to help out in the kitchen and was open to all types of food. I appreciate what cooking comes along with… Family, friends and times you will never forget. Food for me is something that you can make taste good even though it is healthy! People have no idea how easy it is to throw together a perfectly well balanced meal that provides them with all the essential nutrients one needs. Each of us have your unique genetic needs, tastes, backgrounds which can be factored into your food and nutrition plan. “Change is one constant in our lives.” You can rid disease and illness through food. Food is something people do not clearly understand. I strongly believe in cooking with local, seasonal, organic, and nutrient-rich ingredients as best as you can. It is essential to eat only grass fed dairy and meat because they provide more essential nutrients as well as high levels of vitamins. Having a garden and knowing where your food comes from is essential! I owe a lot to my mom who many can attest that she is a GREAT entertainer. She seems to always be having a “dinner party” and always throws together something delicious. My objective in this blog is to share my love and knowledge of food and cooking with all you peeps. I want to give you all ideas on how easy it is to eat healthy and make food taste good. I want the standard american diet to be something of the past… TBC
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One Response to Umeboshi. (the most alkalinizing food on Earth)

  1. Kylee Lynn says:

    DUDE, take umeboshi and cover it in sushi rice and then sprinkle it with seaweed flakes and sesame. It is a crack snack so good for late night class. Sarah (my japanese roomate) makes um so good!

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