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Sweet Potato Salad (paleo)

Cold Sweet Potato Salad (paleo) The sweet potato salad is a super easy dish that is dairy and gluten free. It is great because not only is it filling, but it is packed with nutrients. This dish is awesome for … Continue reading

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Amazing Paleo Brownies

This is a yummy treat i just made this last weekend for my snow trip! This treat is a delicious gluten and dairy free dessert, but you would never know!! Even the guys didn’t believe me that it was healthy, … Continue reading

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PALEO Coconut Chocolate Macaroons

Ever just need a little sweetness after a healthy dinner?? This tasty and quick recipe is something I created last night after an awesome dinner of lamb chops paired with a balsamic roasted brussel sprout & beet salad, with a … Continue reading

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Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Beets

Yesterday when I was studying I decided to roast some vegetables. You can pretty much roast whatever vegetables you want, you just want to make sure they are grouped in the same cooking times in order to not over cook … Continue reading

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Farmers Market Run

Farmers Market Run

Farmers markets are awesome!! Everyone should get to know your local farmer. Shopping at farmers markets helps you eat local, organic and in season. You will get better deals then going to whole foods, new leaf, etc. Everything from eggs, fresh fish, nuts, dairy, flowers, and vegetables are acccesible right in your neigborhood. ( Check out to find the closest one near you!!)
in the picture: Plantains, meyer lemons, gala and fiji apples, dino kale, beets, radishes, avocados,ginger, chard, smoked salmon, humbolt fog goat cheese, and a whole organic chicken! YUM

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