Why do I drink Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll more like boraphyll????

Chlorophyll is the green pigment that is created by plants which helps them absorb elements including sunlight to perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis in it’s most basic explanation, is a process where plants take sunlight and turn it into food and energy. Chlorophyll has a green pigment and it is this compound that gives plants their green color. The richer the color the more chlorophyll it has!

Chlorophyll is miraculous. It has many health benefits, making it a super food.  The chlorophyll molecule is chemically similar to human blood, except that its central atom is magnesium, whereas that of human blood is iron. It performs metabolic functions in plants such as respiration and growth. This means that when ingested, chlorophyll actually helps to do the job of hemoglobin (hemoglobin is so vital to the health of our blood – in fact, blood is approx 75% hemoglobin). It helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, boosting our energy and increasing our wellbeing almost instantly.

Few Facts About Chlorophyll

Helps promote the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body.

Its molecules have magnesium at their core.  Every time our heart beats, it uses magnesium – so it’s a critical mineral.

It cleanses the blood and stimulates the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout our bodies.

It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

It purifies the liver by helping remove old toxic material and heavy metals from the body.

It helps thicken and strengthen cell walls, and (via the A, C and E vitamins) neutralizes free radicals that damage healthy cells, both of which support the immune system.

It relieves both constipation and diarrhea.

Strengthens cells.

Studies also show that chlorophyll may help keep carcinogens from binding to DNA in the liver and other organs.

Recommended Sources:

  • Natures Sunshine Chlorophyll:  this is one of my top, top supplements – a concentrated, dense, minty source of liquid chlorophyll that you can add to any drink (water, juice, smoothie) to give your body a constant source of chlorophyll. It is amazing the difference it makes to your energy. And unlike most liquid chlorophyll supplements it isn’t refined and highly processed (killing the goodness) or packed full of sweeteners.
  • Green Food: The darker the greens the better! Kale, chard, mustard greens, spinach, broccoli, Asian greens, green capsicum, asparagus, peas, string beans, artichokes etc. Any food that is green is that way because it contains chlorophyll, so eat up!

GO GREEN!! Eat, drink, take it in however you can.

Through my personal experience I recommend going green, becoming more alkaline and getting a mass of chlorophyll daily dose absolute WONDERS for your health and energy. You really notice the difference! So if you want more energy, go get yourself some.


About Skinny Fat Kids

I am a fat kid at heart. I don’t start a day without planning a meal; whether it is cooking with friends or trying out a new spot. It might have something to do with being a Mexican/Italian.. Since I was young I loved to help out in the kitchen and was open to all types of food. I appreciate what cooking comes along with… Family, friends and times you will never forget. Food for me is something that you can make taste good even though it is healthy! People have no idea how easy it is to throw together a perfectly well balanced meal that provides them with all the essential nutrients one needs. Each of us have your unique genetic needs, tastes, backgrounds which can be factored into your food and nutrition plan. “Change is one constant in our lives.” You can rid disease and illness through food. Food is something people do not clearly understand. I strongly believe in cooking with local, seasonal, organic, and nutrient-rich ingredients as best as you can. It is essential to eat only grass fed dairy and meat because they provide more essential nutrients as well as high levels of vitamins. Having a garden and knowing where your food comes from is essential! I owe a lot to my mom who many can attest that she is a GREAT entertainer. She seems to always be having a “dinner party” and always throws together something delicious. My objective in this blog is to share my love and knowledge of food and cooking with all you peeps. I want to give you all ideas on how easy it is to eat healthy and make food taste good. I want the standard american diet to be something of the past… TBC
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  1. anne rohrbach says:

    Thank you!!so informative!!

  2. Anne Rohrbach says:

    Going to buy chlorophyll today. Good tip. Thx.

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